Thursday, 14 April 2011


Liz MacDonald
Farewell then Bev
Mother to Steve and Andy (where did he go?)
Wife of jailbird Jim
Proud matriarch
One time Queen of the street
Your abdication has shaken us
To your foundation.

No skirt was too short
No blouse too low.
Your earrings always dangled
Your smile always sparkled
Your advice was always better than your example
We wish (ed) you the happiness
You never quite found.

(Slightly) less brassy than Bet Lynch
(Alot) more glamorous than Annie Walker
The Rovers and the Street will miss
The rap of your heels on cobbled stones ( now gone)
And your humour-
Your reason for Jims tardiness?
“There must have been a hold up.”


Thousands of holes
Cling desperately

Vertical line
Outwardly solid
Yet fragile

They silently cry
Tear here

From you I have
Learned of births and
Deaths and dying

Your tone never
Faltered your eyes
Never blinked once

Your breath steady
Hands clasped quite still
When blood runs cold.

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