Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Rebekah Brooks

I like bad girls,
I like them rough and tough,
 I like their temptress looks,
And I have to now confess to you
That I am in love with Rebekah Brooks

She’s mates with the superstars ,like Madonna and Sarah Brown
And if she gets pissed off, she can close newspapers down
Those svelte power suits that long red flaming hair
She’s always at the centre of things even if she wasn’t there

And even though things, did not always go as planned
She had the boys on the Parliamentary  committee
Eating out of her hand

Her coquettish smile leaves me trembling
I love her cute dissembling,
When she has such trouble remembering
When criminality was at large
Even though she was in charge.

You would have thought that her reporters
Would have lined up for a smacking
When their editor had detected a spot of illegal hacking
But she didn’t

And all that she can say
Is she was away on holiday,
That these events cause much dismay,
 In an, “I’ve been caught out sort of way”

No worries for her about the law, I would have thought
For Rebekah has already considered that, and the law’s been bought.
Forget Dave, Nick and Ed if, for you, power is the key
For Rebekah is much more important than that,
She runs the slumber par-ty
Which is a bit more influential  than those political ones, I fear
Whose hidden manifesto was to have  her  most nibble-able  of ears

Or maybe more..........

They gazed at her, and their self seeking libido erupted
Queuing up to have their principles corrupted
Her beauty and good looks are a source of constant wonder
But there is one thing you should never forget,
And that is
Rebekah has  your number

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