Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Inside Out

Inside out

It’s true that we are
What we do,
And not what we look
That’s not just an aphorism, not just a hook
We should be  judged by our words and not by the eye
No snap judgement to pass him of her by
Spending time on appearances, hair make up and face
Can never be enough to arrive at the right place
For what is the you which you have packaged to proffer?
We’ve seen the decoration but what is the offer
Which is not to say that we should not be proud
Nor should not be allowed
To look our very best
But the test
Is your deeds
What you wear may be your window to the world
But what you say is the window to your soul, unfurled
Your body is that which you were given, but your words are what you choose
Something which you can never ever lose
Take pride in that which you harbour  within
Whether tall or short or fat or thin
For the greatest achievements were never with the plastic surgeons knife
But personal endeavour, determination and strife
For appearances in graves are pitifully few
The more profound question “What did you do?”

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