Sunday, 16 January 2011


The Pub

And then, she drove on
Amidst the uplights, street lights
Backlights, soft light
Bright light, obscured light
Incessant light
Safety lights, directional lights, warning lights
Momentarily flashing brake lights –
Disappearing Into the night

Girl in Dungarees

She never cared much for geraniums or roses
Neatly maintained borders
Trimmed hedges and bird baths
Gnomes guarding shallow ponds
Feeding tables bringing urgent life
Pastel shades
Lavender, pink and aquamarine
A palette for a verdant scene
Or watching the grass grow.
Fashion was her passion

Two Children

They did not have to be asked
No thought or movement contrived
Despite the lure of the ice cream van
And the high slide
They gave themselves for a careless moment
No more, no less
Ruffled tousled hair
Puffed sleeves and a favourite T
Childhood’s innocent serenity.

First Born

The scent of fresh flowers drenched the bed
Soft toys sat expectantly
Nurses flitted past, visitors babbled
Soft skin, warm smells, sparkling eyes
Absorbing incipient being
Grandparents doted whilst friends issued friendly warnings
Of late night feeds and very early mornings
Then when home
We three very
Sat staring, quite perplexed
The unspoken question –“What do we do next?”

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