Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Word Police

I noticed that Collins have decided to make words redundant
Without asking you and me
And I am somewhat surprised by their inconsistency
For it appears that aerodrome is to be no more
As now they are seen to be what airports are for
But imagine a propeller powered passenger plane
Descending from the skies carrying fifties filmstars
And adoring waiting fans sighs
And then it will become apparent what all of us have known- for such a flight,
Only an aerodrome is home.

And the charabanc too is being consigned to the dustbin
As if such simple pleasures didn’t exist or had never been.
Even dustbins themselves are on the way out
For bins are no longer to put rubbish in and keep places clean
Instead they are multi - purpose receptacles for re-cy-cling
The joys of a trip an outing a journey with you and us
Can  never be adequately described by the humble term  “ bus”
So why expunge such glorious, older terms, and phrases
Whose perfunctory exile is determined on the flimsiest of cases

And the meaning of modern words is also being lost
Their original meanings tossed – aside.
Consider the word shopping it’s a little bit highfalutin
When popular culture has downgraded it and calls it simply looting
And how about “room”?
 For it simply is no more
The area that sits above the floor
Is now called a space
No longer defined by drawing room or sitting room or bed.
Space, a word that for me is simply not so cool
Whatever happened to the trusty vestibule

So what will go next? Almost certainly the book
Rectangular and weighty with a satisfying look
Which when dropped in the bath when reading,
Immersed and dripping wet, can have its dripping paper
Saved by a radiator,
Which when spread across the top, open and arched
Can be dried and resuscitated, pleasingly parched
- Unlike a kindle

 A “Badger” too will be no more, soon to be forgot
Blasted to oblivion by farmers with buckshot
Like “fish” who used to swim in the sea, caught by nets that sagged
That are doomed very soon to catch only plastic bags

But all that we need to do to save words form half remembered confusion
Is to nurture them ,to cherish them, but most of all to use them

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